Killing us Softly





/ Photo Installation


“Germany has declared war on Russia. But I went swimming in the afternoon” – Franz Kafka
“Actually, compared with other places, we have a comfortable life here in Germany” (someone). I hear this sentence many times. But discussing beyond … the conversation stops. Many people say this easily. But rising the central question, “where does this comfortability come from” hurts. It is connected to our own behaviour, to our own life. It puts a mirror in front of us.
Are we aware of where this “compatibility” comes from? The reality, the tall, giant and shiny beautifulness which makes comfort here, threatens the society in the Global South. It creates a huge imbalance.
Central Picture
2014, thousands of garment factory workers in Cambodia went to the streets with the demand for a minimum wage of $177 monthly. These people work more than 12 hours a day and more than 25 days a month. They work hard to survive. Through which you get your comfortability.


Exibited @ UF/18

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