New Faces of the old world

Today, a cold winter day in the year of 2012. I am going to leave my home. I don’t know what to take or what not to take. Randomly I pick some stuff. Without thinking. Without knowing if I really need these things or not. It is hard to leave the place which I call “home”. But if I don’t feel my home as a safe place, I have to search for a “new home”. No matter how hard it is. No matter how far it is. But I will find it. From border to border. From city to city. The journey will continue until I find the “safe place”. //exhibition Proposal Afghanistan is not Safe The German government and the European Nations declare Kabul, Afghanistan as a safe place. With this decision, Asylum seekers can be easily deported. Safety first is a high priority in Germany. Holders of a German passport are alarmed to travel to Afghanistan. Even the German war machine is part of the NATO intervention in Afghanistan. At the same time, people from Afghanistan who have arrived to an European country have to fight for their demand, living safely! Is it still not obvious? Is the European society blind that Afghanistan is not safe? I have documented several “Afghanistan is not safe”-demonstrations. People who participated, shared their stories.
New Faces of the Old World shows a portrait of various people from Afghanistan who left their places of origin in search of a new home. A safe home. The phenomenon of searching for a safe home is not new, these people are just the new generation, new faces of the old world.



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