Krishan Rajapakshe is a photographer and a visual artist. Base in Heidelberg. raised and grow in  Sri Lanka.  Krishan started his career as a visual communicator. Before Berlin, he has worked in various media and Communication houses in different countries such as Malaysia, Nepal and Cambodia and as well as Sri Lanka. Krishan’s works have been published in a different media channel. VOD- Cambodia, Mkini- Malaysia and Lanka News web, Vikalpa in Sri Lanka as well as RDL-Friburge in Germany. Also, he has been involved in a number of solo and collective Photography exhibitions. He was one of the invites of the  Kosmo’s photography artist,  moderated talk by Grada Kolomba at Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin.

Krishan’s photography works are always connected to social-political realities in the society. In his images plays in between beauty and rawness.