Learning from Journeys

LEARNING FROM JOURNEYS – Interactive Exhibition UrbanUtopiaLAB \ HD

23.02.2019 Breidenbach Studios Heidelberg
08.03.2019 – 31.03.2019 Urban Innovation Center Heidelberg 22.03.2019 – 23.03.2019 Alte PH Heidelberg

The interactive exhibition „Learning from Journeys” is showing the life stories of three refugees living in Heidelberg and the surroundings. It aims at avoiding victimization, dramatization, and culturalization of their stories. The representations provide insights in individual constructions of the Self //ME//, experiences during journeys //JOURNEY//, in belongings and emotional locations //HEIMAT//as well as in personal and societal Utopias //UTOPIA//. Every person represented in the exhibition speaks for himself. At the same time, colored ties interconnect the aspects mentioned above which allows different ways of reading and thinking.

With the interactive Utopia-Workshop, the format of an ordinary exhibition will be extended as visitors can become part of the exhibition’s topic.
Krishan Rajapakshe (Visual Artist) and Svenja Kück (Researcher on Heimat and Migration) talked in 2018 to several refugees in Heidelberg. The exhibition shows extracts of artistically accompanied and multi-located conversations that took several hours, sometimes a whole day. We deeply thank our three conversation partners for their friendly relationship, their openness and their support in the creation of the exhibition.

“Learning from Journeys” is embedded in the dissertation project of Svenja Kück which is exploring the meanings of Heimat for refugees in Heidelberg. It is located at the Institute of Geography at Heidelberg University and part of the Real-World-Lab project “Asylum seekers in the Rhine-Neckar-Region”, funded by the Ministry of Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, Baden- Württemberg. In Real-World-Lab settings researchers and practice partners are jointly working together to carry out solutions for social relevant topics.



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